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Garda Recruitment course

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Garda Recruitment  Ireland

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Our unique Garda test course has a proven, very successful track record. We know which preparation yields the best results in this Garda recruitment test. It is now completely updated and totally relevant to the current Garda exam.

We can prepare you to be ready to face the Garda aptitude test with confidence so that the whole selection process becomes clearer to you. Remember only the highest placed candidates in stage one can go to stage two of recruitment.

Getting Started

You can enrol on-line, or return your enrolment form to us by freepost, or enrol by credit/debit card over the phone. You will then receive everything you need in your study pack.

Sample questions/model answers

This home study course contains everything you need to be well prepared on the big day. Over 300 sample questions with model answers and a complete mock, timed test are included.

Garda Recruitment course contents

Rely on our experience:

For more than 20 years we have successfully helped candidates reach their highest placing in the Garda test, and thereby ensuring that they reached stages 2 and 3.

Our home study course is the best value course on the market today!

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This Garda Preparation course made me realise how important understanding the role of a Garda would be. Particular in understanding the issues relating to the public.

Sylvia S.
Student n° GDA14038

I can rely on the Kilroy's College Garda Preparation course instructions for the interview.

William L.
Student n° GD 11866

I found your Garda Preparation course very helpful indeed. Overall it was an excellent course.

Marie F.
Student n° GDA9204

I practised every day with the Kilroy's College Garda Preparation sample tests and I became very familiar with what was required to achieve the best results. - 1st place, 2003

Ruairi M.
Student n° GDA9048

Without the help of your Garda preparation course I would not have successfully reached the required standard in the qualifying tests.

Joseph W.
Student n° GD 11996