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Microsoft Office Master course

Microsoft Office Master Ireland

Improve your career by learning key skills

Delivery method: Online
Duration: 12 months
Price: €795

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Are you looking for flexible training to improve your skills in Microsoft Office and/or have an interest in preparing for the widely-recognised Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification exams? Then, our MOS course could be the answer. This comprehensive curriculum provides training for Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint.

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Microsoft Office Specialist, a globally recognised standard

Microsoft Office Specialist certification, the premier Microsoft desktop certification, is a globally recognized standard for demonstrating desktop skills. The Office Specialist program is helping meet the demand for qualified and knowledgeable people in the modern workplace.

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Kilroy's College is dedicated to helping you learn computing skills through well structured and interactive course material. Our computer based training course allows you to study in your own home at a pace that suits you. Working alongside leading software developers, Kilroy's College provides you with a course focused on a career in today's workplace.

Our Microsoft Office master course includes


Pre-Assessment lets you identify the areas for improvement before you start your prep. It determines what students know about a topic before it is taught and identifies areas for improvement with question assessment before beginning the course.

Expert Instructor-Led Training

We use the content from the finest publishers and only the IT industry's finest instructors. They have a minimum of 15 years real-world experience and are subject matter experts in their fields. Unlike a live class, you can study at your own pace. This creates a personal learning experience and gives you all the benefit of hands-on training with the flexibility of doing it around your schedule 24/7.

Chapter & Lessons

Lessons are full of interactive activities that keep the learner engaged. They bring all available learning resources for a topic in one place so that the learner can efficiently learn without going to multiple places. Challenge questions are also embedded in the chapters so learners can attempt those while they are learning about that particular topic. This helps them grasp the concepts better because they can go over it again right away which improves learning.

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Interactive Exercises

Our courseware includes include real world, interactive exercises. The exercises always focus on real world scenarios and skill-set development. There is no limit to the number of times learners can attempt these. Exercises come with detailed remediation, which ensures that learners are confident on the topic before proceeding.

Exercises, Quizzes & Flashcards

Exercises, quizzes and flashcards prepare you for your exams differently and more effectively than the traditional exam preps on the market. You will have practice quizzes, flashcards and exercises after each module to ensure you are confident on the topic you have completed before proceeding. This will allow you to gauge your effectiveness before moving to the next module in your course. There is no limit to the number of times learners can attempt these.

Practice Test Sets

Our course also include full length practice test sets designed to test your knowledge under real exam conditions. These tests closely follow the exam objectives and are designed to simulate real exam conditions. Each question comes with detailed remediation explaining not only why an answer option is correct but also why it is incorrect. The course has a number of test sets consisting of hundreds of items to ensure you are 100% prepared before taking your certification exam.

Performance Based Labs

There are online labs to supplement your training. These labs are inexpensive and way safe to explore and learn. Learn the real world skills using Live Labs that are cloud-based, device-enabled and can be easily integrated with an LMS. Labs provide hands-on experience in a safe, online environment, simulate real world, hardware, software & CLI environment. They come with well-organized component library for every task, highly interactive - learn by doing explanations and remediation available.

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Student Testimonials

I never thought I could get so much pleasure from learning but I have. It was nice to be able to ease myself back to the learning habit without any pressure.

Anne C. Student no. PCA9209

I would like to thank the college as I have achieved something that I am very proud of.

Amanda H. Student no. SAA10864

I've achieved something I have always wanted to do.

Colette E. Student no. CCA10844

I am very happy with my course.

Justina J. Student no. BMA 12281