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Forensic Psychology & Criminology course

Forensic Psychology & Criminology Ireland

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Delivery method: Online
Private Tutor: Yes
Duration: 6 months
Price: €295 €206 - 30% OFF

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This Forensic Psychology and Criminology online study programme will give you an appreciation of some of the major areas of study surrounding criminality, and the efforts which are being made to manage it.

This course is only available to be studied online.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Outline the key principles of criminology and forensic psychology
  • Explain key terminology in relation to criminology and crime causation
  • Understand the criminal justice system and how the investigative process works
  • Discuss the function of society in relation to crime and crime causation

From the first study unit of this distance learning course you will begin on a journey of discovery into the world of criminal investigation. Then as you complete each unit in the study programme your knowledge of forensic psychology and criminology will grow and grow.

A Personal Forensic Psychology and Criminology Tutor

Once you have enrolled as a student with us, a personal tutor will be assigned to work with you throughout your studies and provide expert guidance and tuition. You will be in a 'class of one', with your tutor, an experienced and qualified specialist in Forensic Psychology and Criminology.

Continuous Assessment

Throughout your course you will find videos, additional reading lists, self-assessment quizzes and self-reflection tasks to aid your learning. In addition at the end of each of 6 Study Units you will find an assignment, which is to be completed and submitted for correction and feedback by your tutor.

Each assignment will be promptly returned to you with helpful comments and your grade. Throughout your course you will receive regular feedback and encouragement from your tutor to help ensure the successful completion of your studies.

Kilroy's College Diploma

Here at Kilroy's College, our Diploma is awarded to students based on their work throughout their course. So, on successful completion of all your written assignments, you will receive your Kilroy's College Diploma in Forensic Psychology and Criminology

The Future

Many of our students tell us that our courses have given them the confidence to go on to further study, to begin work or to change careers. Many of those in employment have received a promotion or an increase in salary as a result of completing a Kilroy's College course.

This online Forensic Psychology and Criminology course is perfect for you if you don't have time for evening classes or would prefer to study at home at your own pace.

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Student Testimonials

I've achieved something I have always wanted to do.

Colette E. Student no. CCA10844

I feel an awful lot more confident having completed my course. I feel encouraged and inspired to continue.

Elizabeth C. Student no. CWA9256

The tutors were excellent in the extreme.

Christopher K. Student no. 2LH8160