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It has been known for many years that a healthy body and a healthy mind go hand in hand At Kilroy's College we have developed these three courses to focus on the individual. Our specially written course material is backed up by our student advisors who support our students throughout their studies.

Forensic Psychology & CriminologyIreland

This online course covers the fascinating genre of Forensic Psychology and Criminology. You will learn about the processes and practices that are used to catch criminals and gain a better understanding of what crime is, why it occurs and how it is managed in today’s society.

Adult PsychologyIreland

This is a private and personal home study training course that step-by-step presents a thorough examination of the knowledge today that modern psychologists have of human behaviour.

Sport PsychologyIreland

If you are interested in the 'mental factor' in being successful in sport and in how to improve performance in competition, then this course is for you. Developed entirely in Ireland, Sport Psychology has now been accredited as a home study course abroad.

Golf PsychologyIreland

Golf Psychology can train your mind to learn how to ensure your best performance when you need it. You may be amazed to discover what happens when you learn how to let your swing play the game and free yourself from over thinking results.

Child PsychologyIreland

Child Psychology is an established distance learning programme that has been especially developed in Ireland to meet the increasing needs of adults responsible for children. Internationally awarded, this diploma course has been adapted worldwide.