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Nail Technician course

Nail Technician Ireland

Learn how to become a Nail Technician as a future career or hobby

Delivery method: Correspondence, Online
Duration: 12 months
Price: €495

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This Nail Technician course is an excellent way to learn the skills and acquire the knowledge you will need to succeed in this very popular activity as a professional or as a hobby.

As well as learning how to dress nails professionally, as part of your course you will cover all the areas you need to work as a nail technician, such as the anatomy of the hands and skin, and the health and safety aspects of work. You might want to end up running your own business. The great news is that you don’t need any previous experience to take this course.

  • You will learn about the importance of good grooming and various forms of good communication.
  • You will be able to carry out a consultation and maintain client records.
  • You will learn to differentiate between sanitation and disinfection and how to carry out the necessary procedures.
  • You will learn how to recognise and understand the consequences of cross infection and the methods necessary to avoid them.

A textbook, a manicure kit, a pedicure kit and a nail art kit are all included with your course fee.

On completion of this course of study you will be able to go about setting up your own small business and be able to implement all the health and safety legislation for the treatments you will be providing. You will recognise the need for insurance and the policies that are required.

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Student Testimonials

Having the knowledge that my Nail Technician course gave me I feel much more confident selling products with my greater of nail care.

Lorna R. Student no. NT 16079

It’s really wonderful to be able to learn so much and to make progress in my Nail Technician career.

Yvonne L. Student no. NT19459

I found my Nail Technician course to be challenging, exciting and very enjoyable.

Antoinette B. Student no. NT19284

My Nail Technician course with Kilroy's College was fascinating. I would recommend anybody to choose a Kilroy's College course because they are simply great.

Yinca O. Student no. NT 17243

The tutors were excellent in the extreme.

Christopher K. Student no. 2LH8160

I am very happy with my course.

Justina J. Student no. BMA 12281