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Self-Employed Accounting & Taxation course

Self-Employed Accounting & Taxation Ireland

How to make a small business more efficient and successful

Delivery method: Correspondence, Online
Private Tutor: Yes
Duration: 12 months
Price: €595

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Small business is finally being recognised as perhaps the most important element for the well being of the economy. It is the self-employed that can generate employment. This course will demonstrate that there are many positive benefits in keeping accounts, such as:

  • Cash can be controlled
  • The most profitable areas of a business can be identified immediately
  • Results can be compared with planned results
  • When approaching the Bank Manager proper accounting will greatly strengthen your case
  • Accounts are necessary in order to arrive at taxable profit

With this course the anxieties of keeping records and making returns can be replaced by a sensible and practical approach to the business of keeping accounts and making returns. This course will show the student how to complete the various forms. Specimen copies of typical forms will be provided for your own personal use. The course deals in some detail with all tax allowance possibilities.

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Student Testimonials

This Self-Employed Accounts and Taxation course has helped us both to understand everything that we need to know.

Amanda H. Student no. SAA10864

I can now do my own tax and VAT returns instead of getting someone else to do them.

Mary W. Student no. SAA14824

The tutors were excellent in the extreme.

Christopher K. Student no. 2LH8160

The biggest effect Kilroy's College has had on my life is in giving me a foothold in the Education system and in enabling me to progress within it.

Akaraygo A. Student no. BM 12935

I am very happy with my course.

Justina J. Student no. BMA 12281