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Speak French Ireland

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Learn how to speak basic conversational French, without leaving home.

Delivery method: Correspondence
Private Tutor: Yes
Duration: 12 months
Price: €295 €209 - 30% OFF

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Are you a total beginner to French? Or perhaps you are just a bit rusty and want to jump start your French? Then this distance learning course is the right one for you. It gives each student the tools to Speak French with confidence. Your personal tutor, who is a native French speaker, will guide you through the grammar, vocabulary and skills needed to master basic, conversational French. The lessons progress entirely at your own pace, so there is no danger of losing track.

Research proves that the most effective way to learn a language is the way you learned your native tongue, by listening and repeating and practising what you hear. Speak French uses this technique in a unique and exciting way:

  • Listen to pre-recorded French conversations
  • Read the accompanying text
  • Write your answers to a prescribed set of exercises
  • Record your oral assignments

Your oral, aural and written French work is submitted to the College for correction and feedback from your personal French tutor. Your French tutor can be contacted at any time with any queries on the coursework or course contents and they will respond privately to you.

People have lot of different motivations for wanting to learn a new language. Some want more enjoyable holidays, others want an added skill for a career boost, or they are looking for a sense of personal achievement and growth. Whatever your reason for wanting to learn French, our "Speak French" home study course will soon have you speaking French with confidence. Bienvenue au cours de français!

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Student Testimonials

I am extremely pleased with my course and I am looking forward to receiving my Diploma.

Audrey F. Student no. CC9189

My Kilroy's College French course made me feel more confident about learning the fundamentals of a language.

Diarmuid F. Student no. SF 16829

The biggest effect Kilroy's College has had on my life is in giving me a foothold in the Education system and in enabling me to progress within it.

Akaraygo A. Student no. BM 12935

I feel an awful lot more confident having completed my course. I feel encouraged and inspired to continue.

Elizabeth C. Student no. CWA9256

I've achieved something I have always wanted to do.

Colette E. Student no. CCA10844