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ICDL/ECDL 5 X Module Test Fee course

ICDL/ECDL 5 X Module Test Fee Ireland

Learn the basics of using a computer : What are MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint, the Internet and E-Mail?

Delivery method: Online
Duration: 1 Hour
Price: €100

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These days, computers are everywhere. The one skill that covers more areas of day to day life and business than any is having a good basic knowledge of computers. This Kilroy's College course will guide you step by step from switching on a computer, all the way to sending e-mails and doing basic accounts.

The main aim of the course is to cut the myths and jargon surrounding computers, explain in plain English what the terms mean and how to use them, so that you can fully understand the basics of using computers.

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Student Testimonials

I feel much better equipped now. I hope to use this course as a stepping stone to other courses.

Siobhain M. Student no. CWA6746

Thanks to my Computer Basics course tutor for all the excellent support

Joan S. Student no. CBA10149

The biggest effect Kilroy's College has had on my life is in giving me a foothold in the Education system and in enabling me to progress within it.

Akaraygo A. Student no. BM 12935