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Garda Recruitment course

Garda Recruitment Ireland

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Delivery method: Online, Self-Study Pack
Duration: 20 to 25 hours
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Sample questions/model answers

This home study course has been fully updated for the 2019 competition and contains everything you need to be well prepared on day of the tests. Over 300 sample questions with model answers and a complete mock, timed test are included.

Garda Recruitment course contents

Rely on our experience:

We have successfully helped candidates reach their highest placing in the Garda test for more than 20 years - ensuring that they progress onto Stages 2 and 3 of the competition.

Our home study course is the best value course on the market today!

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Student Testimonials

The Garda preparation course helped me to understand the different elements of the competition with very practical advice.

Ciar M. Student no. GD 11618

I found the Garda preparation course to be very helpful. I was more confident as I had more of an idea of the different types of questions to expect.

Anne F. Student no. GD 12085

I found the Kilroy's College preparation course very helpful and invaluable on the big day.

Patrick C. Student no. GDA9219

I found your Garda Preparation course very helpful indeed. - placed 13th

Cian O. Student no. GD 12173

The Garda preparation course was invaluable, without it I would not have succeeded in reaching the very high standard required.

Paul K. Student no. GD 12130