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CIW Web Design course

Interested in a career in IT?

The skills and knowledge measured by the Web Design Specialist examination were derived from an industry-wide and worldwide job task analysis. Earning the Web Design Specialist Certification proves that a candidate has the broad base of competency in the development, design and publication of websites. You can be confident that your training will give you access to employment within the IT sector. Students typically use their CIW certification to qualify for many jobs including, but not limited to: web designer, network administrator, online marketer and eLearning developer.

Supported by Kilroy's College

With Kilroy's College gaining that vital certification is made as flexible as possible. Kilroy's College is dedicated to helping you learn computing skills through well-structured and interactive course material. Our computer based training courses allow you to study in your own home at a pace that suits you. Working alongside leading software developers, Kilroy's College provides you with a course focused on a career in today's workplace.

Frequently asked questions

Can anybody take this course?

Students taking this course need a basic understanding of Internet functionality and tools. You should be familiar with a Microsoft operating system such as Windows 7 before taking this course. No courses or certification are required prior to taking this course. However, the course and exam are challenging and comprehensive and you also should have a solid grasp of the English language.

How soon can I start?

Right away if you wish! This is the great advantage of home study. The course should be completed within 12 months of enrolling, but most students would take between 6-9 months. The approximate study time is 160 hours.

What do I need to do this course?

This is an online course delivered over the internet so you will need to own or have access to a PC and the internet. The hardware and software minimum requirements are summarised below:

Hardware: 500MHz or faster processor, 128MB RAM of higher, 200MB of available hard disk space for installation, DVD-ROM drive.

Software: Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP.

Please note that this course is not compatible with Apple Mac operating systems or computers.

If you have any questions about this course please contact our Student Advisor at Kilroy's College.

Advantages of home study with Kilroy's College

  • The College is open all year, so you can start studying at any time.
  • This CIW Web Design course allows you the flexibility and confidentiality of studying at home without having to take time out from work or other personal commitments.
  • It offers you valuable savings in time and transportation because you complete your entire course from home.
  • At Kilroy's College there are no age limits, no need for previous study and there is no pressure to go any faster than you wish to.
  • Once enrolled, you will receive everything that you need to get started in your student study pack.

To take the exam you must attend an approved test centre. To source a test centre near you can visit The approximate fee for the test, which is paid directly to the drop in testing centre is €130.

Remember, you can complete this course within 12 months of enrolling. So take your first step by contacting us now - you won't regret it!

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