Future of TV and Cross-Platform Production course

Amazon Studios Head of Production, John Lynch, Outlines a Day in his Life

John Lynch

I wake up every morning at 4.15am, have a small breakfast and am in the pool by 5.15am unless I go surfing instead.  I’m in the office by 6.30am – 6.45am at the very latest.  I don’t have a set time to turn my phone on, because it never gets turned off.  I have two adult children and the reason my phone is always on is mostly them. However, on average it goes off with calls, texts, alerts and emails about 500 times a day and so it’s difficult to keep up! I live in South Pasadena, California, but I was born and grew up in West Hollywood.  My parents are from Co. Cork, Ireland.  I’ve been working at Amazon for seven years and my favourite part of the job is being a part of building the company, both domestically and internationally.  I travel a little bit now but I used to travel more.  We are building teams in various countries which what I mostly travel for now.  I love India and visiting India, but my least favourite part of my job is definitely flying over there in coach.

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Filmmaking Courses in London – Study with Award -Winning Instructors

Waterloo Creative Studio

We have availability on the following courses, which will be run by our partners in film the London Film Institute in May 2019. The programme will be based at Waterloo Creative Studio in the cultural heart of London and we look forward to welcoming our filmmaking cohorts shortly.

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Bow Street to host Kilroy’s College and Irish Film School’s filmmaking courses this Spring!

Our inaugural 2018 filmmaking courses were held at The Lir Academy and National College of Ireland. Director John Boorman led his 5-day Filmmaking course which also included sessions on film production fundamentals and a hands-on camera skills session led by award-winning cinematographer Seamus Deasy. Academy Award winning VFX House DNEG ran their 1-day VFX taster course to a packed classroom of filmmakers and VFX and animation students.  Producer Kieran Corrigan delivered his 1-day Business of Film course in partnership with Great Point Media to a diverse audience of filmmakers and financial advisors.

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Web Summit 2018

Web Summit 2018 was held in Lisbon and ran from November 5th to November 8th. Kilroy’s College travelled to Portugal with our partners in film the Irish Film School for this event to find out what emerging tech trends were coming down the line for filmmakers and content creators.

Film & Media Courses

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Getting Your Child with Learning Disabilities Involved in the Arts

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Our guest blogger this month is Lillian Brooks of Learning Disabilities Info. Learning Disabilities Info is an online resource that was created to offer information and understanding to parents of children with learning disabilities, as well as adults who are in need of continued support to succeed. This article aims to give parents and educators some valuable advice on how to get children involved in the arts and discover how creative play can boost a child’s self-esteem and wellbeing.

Photo Credit: Pexels

Getting Your Child with Learning Disabilities Involved in the Arts

For children with special needs, it can be difficult to engage in what are usually considered to be average childhood activities. The arts are a prime example of this. While it might seem like any child can pick up a paintbrush or take a music class, for children with special needs, even this can be difficult. Each child has their difficulties, and when your child has special needs, these difficulties are often amplified. Continue reading “Getting Your Child with Learning Disabilities Involved in the Arts”

Kilroy’s College launch a range of new classroom-based Film & Media courses, closing the film skills gap and reshaping training for future industry players

Kilroy’s College has launched a suite of filmmaking training courses in partnership with the Irish Film School. The Irish Film School was set up in January 2018 by iconic film director John Boorman and leading film producer and financier Kieran Corrigan. They provide professional training courses in filmmaking, film production, visual FX and the business of film. The training courses have been carefully designed by the founders who lead a team of accomplished instructors, including Hollywood legend Roger Corman and Academy Award winning VFX house DNEG.

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Garda Recruitment 2018

News Update! On May 17th a new competition for selection of Garda trainees was announced by Public Jobs.

An Garda Síochána is the national police and security service of Ireland. Its mission is to deliver professional policing and security services with the trust, confidence and support of the people they serve.

Garda College (Templemore) graduates

Application Process

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Adult Psychology Student On Course For Success

Michelle Hadad – Past Student & Author

Kilroy’s College currently delivers six different distance learning Psychology courses and our Adult Psychology diploma course is one of our most popular programmes.  It has been taken by hundreds of students over the years for a myriad of different reasons. Some of our graduates have enjoyed the course so much that they have gone on to study further in order to work in this domain and others have used the knowledge gained from our course to empower themselves and take a personal journey of self-exploration.

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3 Tips for Single Parenthood

January brings the start of a New Year and for many of us with young families it can be a challenging month. Getting the kids back into a creche or school routine can be hard after a relaxing Christmas break and it can be a real struggle for some of us to find a decent work/life balance whilst managing a family and working inside or outside of the home.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

We asked Daniel Sherwin, founder of DadSolo.com for some tips and tricks on how to make time for yourself and stay balanced at this busy time of the year.  If (like me) you are thinking of a new hobby, starting a new course or exercise regime – Daniel has some sage words of advice for us all! Continue reading “3 Tips for Single Parenthood”