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Advanced ECDL course

Frequently asked questions

Can anybody take this course?

This advanced course is aimed at ECDL certificate holders who wish to raise their skill levels to a higher grade involving more complex tasks using more extensive functionality of common applications. You would however need to own or have access to a PC as the course is a computer based learning programme.

How soon can I start?

Right away if you wish! This is the great advantage of home study.

What do I need to do this course?

This is an online course delivered over the internet so you will need to own or have access to a PC or tablet computer and the internet.

What is the ECDL?

The letters mean European Computer Driving Licence, and this certificate is a well-recognised IT skills qualification throughout Ireland and the rest of the EU. It is designed for people who want to demonstrate their competence in computer skills and is open to everyone. regardless of age, experience, education or background. The Advanced ECDL certificate will certainly enhance your career, return to work, or promotion prospects.

Is the ECDL courseware approved?

The European Computer Driving Licence Foundation Ltd has registered Trade Marks and logos. The courseware material distributed through Kilroy's College has received the approval of IACT.

How do I get the Advanced ECDL certificate?

By passing tests for each of the four modules contained in this course at a local ECDL testing centre. There are ECDL testing centres throughout the country. Our Student Services Department can guide you on this matter or you can find a test centre here. A fee will be payable to the test centre.

The College also provides training for obtaining your ECDL Qualification, which is the level recommended to study this Advanced ECDL course.

Studying Advanced ECDL computer skills with Kilroy's College will bring you many advantages.

  • This fully interactive Advanced ECDL computer based course is designed to teach you key skills in computing. It will also prepare you for the Advanced ECDL tests, should you wish to pursue this well recognised certification.
  • The course is delivered to you with our advanced ECDL Study guide.
  • The key advantages of our online course are as follows (Through guided simulations you obtain lots of practise, Immediate instructional feedback on all learning activities, continual testing of your understanding of each topic, instruction and assessment based on the advanced ECDL syllabus)
  • Remember throughout your studies you will have the full support of the College Student Services Department which has all the inherited benefits of more than 80 years engaged exclusively in adult home study education.
  • To receive more information, please click the ORDER PROSPECTUS button below. Fill in your contact details and we will immediately send you a free copy of our complete prospectus.
  • Remember, you can complete this course in six months of enrolling. So take your first step by contacting us now- you won't regret it!

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