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Junior Certificate

Course objectives

The objectives of these courses of study are to ensure that you will be prepared to succeed in your Junior Certificate. Kilroy's College specialised approach to teaching Junior Certificate subjects to our students will give you unique advantages over others and it is a real alternative study choice. Our students receive continuous guidance and feedback as well as expert examination preparation techniques with the support of a Junior Certificate expert throughout.

Kilroy's College Junior Certificate Tuition is different

These courses are designed as step by step type tuition and with your own expert teacher's feedback you will see real progress being made as you progress steadily through the study units. This will give you great encouragement. With written assignments throughout and mock examinations this means that Kilroy's College students have that extra edge on examination day. By constantly writing answers to typical examination questions, which are corrected and graded for your guidance and encouragement, examination practice becomes very familiar and much less intimidating.

How Junior Certificate Home Study will work for you.

Home Study has become the preferred choice for many people as an alternative to traditional grinds and revision schools.

When you register with Kilroy's College as a Junior Certificate student you will receive your personal study and welcome pack. This will contain the first study units for each for each subject you are taking with us, our very useful guide to study techniques and hints on how to get the most out of courses.

Each study unit you receive will consist of the core course material for that unit, study notes, examples, and a written assignment to be submitted to your tutor at the college for assessment. Your tutor will mark each assignment and return it to you along with helpful comments and a set of model answers.

You are literally in a "class of one" with your own personal tutor who will provide you with help and guidance throughout your studies.

You can succeed in your Junior Certificate studies with Kilroy's College because

  • You receive excellent, comprehensive course notes with every subject.
  • All examination topics for your chosen subjects are covered in detail
  • Continuous written assignments are corrected and graded so you can see progress being made.
  • Constructive feedback from your tutor will increase your determination to succeed.
  • Written examination practice will give you the edge on the big day.
  • By studying at home you will waste no time in travelling.
  • You will be in a correspondence class of one - but you will not be on your own.

Studying for your Junior Certificate with Kilroy's College will bring you many advantages:

  • Our students receive continuous guidance and constructive feedback.
  • Expert examination techniques are provided.
  • No study time is wasted on travelling.
  • Students can enrol all year round.
  • Every student has their own expert tutor throughout their studies.
  • Any time is study time for our students.
  • Our quality course materials and step by step tuition make learning an enjoyable experience.
  • As you proceed, you will see real progress being made particularly with the benefit of your expert teacher's feedback. This progress is a real source of encouragement.
  • These written assignments give our students the extra edge on examination day as they are constantly writing answers to typical questions throughout their studies. The assignments are corrected and graded, so examination practice becomes very familiar to our students.