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Make-up Artist course

How distance learning works

A Personal Make-up Artist Tutor

Once you have enrolled as a student with us, a personal tutor will be assigned to work with you throughout your studies and provide expert guidance and tuition. You will be in a 'class of one', with your tutor, an experienced and qualified specialist in Make-up Artist distance education.

Continuous Assessment

At the end of each unit, an assignment is completed and sent to your tutor at the college. Each one will be promptly returned to you with helpful comments and your next study unit. Throughout your course you will receive regular feedback and encouragement from your tutor to help ensure the successful completion of your studies.


All your course work and any correspondence with the College will be treated as strictly private and confidential.


An excellent textbook, "The complete guide to make-up" by Suzanne Le Quesne, will be sent out to you with your first study units. This captivating book embraces all aspects of make-up and make-up artistry with an infectious enthusiasm and will be a very useful additional source of information, while studying the course. This is yours to keep as a valuable and permanent reference long after you have completed your course.

Our Diploma

Here at Kilroy's College, our Diploma is awarded to students based on their work throughout their course. So, on successful completion of all your written assignments, you will receive your Kilroy's College Diploma in Make-up Artist.


  • The College is open all year, so you can start studying at any time.
  • This Make-up Artist course allows you the flexibility and confidentiality of studying at home without having to take time out from work or other personal commitments.
  • It offers you valuable savings in time and transportation because you complete your entire course from home.
  • At Kilroy's College there are no age limits, no need for previous study and there is no pressure to go any faster than you wish to.
  • Our tuition is private and personal - you will be in a 'class of one' with your own tutor, an experienced and qualified specialist in Make-up Artist.
  • Once enrolled, you will receive everything that you need to get started in your student study pack.
  • On the successful completion of your course, you will be awarded the Kilroy's College Diploma in Make-up Artist in recognition of your educational achievement.

Take action now!

Remember, you can complete this Make-up Artist course within 12 months of enrolling. So take your first step by contacting us today!

  • To receive more information, please order a free prospectus. Fill in your contact details and we will immediately send you a free copy of our complete prospectus along with an equiry pack.
  • You can enrol now for this Make-up Artist course with a credit card using our secure online enrolment form.

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