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Our student's quotes

We receive feedback and Testimonials from our students on a daily basis.
Please see below a selection of the quotes we received recently.

What our students say about our Nail Technician course:

I found my course to be challenging, exciting and very enjoyable. It has given me the confidence to pursue a course in acrylic nails. I am very excited about my new career path. Thanks very much to everyone at Kilroy’s College.

Antoinette B. Student no. NT19284

I am very satisfied with my Nail Technician course. It’s really wonderful to be able to learn so much and to make progress in my career. Kilroy’s College is great for people who cannot attend classes.

Yvonne L. Student no. NT19459

My Nail Technician course with Kilroy's College was fascinating. I would recommend anybody to choose a Kilroy's College course because they are simply great.

Yinca O. Student no. NT 17243

Having the knowledge that my Nail Technician course gave me I feel much more confident selling products with my greater of nail care.

Lorna R. Student no. NT 16079