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Business Management course

Our student's quotes

We receive feedback and Testimonials from our students on a daily basis.
Please see below a selection of the quotes we received recently.

What our students say about our Business Management course:

This Business Management course has encouraged me to change career and to learn more about business. The people who take the calls when I needed help were very friendly and very understanding, keep up the good work.

Hakiri N. Student no. BM11530

I have learned a lot more about Business Skills and your Business Management course also confirmed thing I already new something about.

Tom W. Student no. BM 10144

This Business Management course has improved my general knowledge of business and administration skills. I took this course in an effort to re-start Education and also as a tester on how I would get on with a Distance learning programme. It was a very comprehensive course.

Clodagh H. Student no. BM 13435

This Business Management course has improved my knowledge of the business process and I am using this knowledge in my everyday job. I now understand all the key business roles.

Michael F. Student no. BM 12139

I am very happy I did this Business Management course, I now have good career prospects .I found the course to be very interesting and challenging. I feel I have learned a lot.

Jokubauskaite A. Student no. BM 10509

This Business Management course has certainly made me more aware of the important skills required to set up a successful business. It also made me more aware of my rights as a consumer and an employee. I was able to work in my own home at my own pace and this really suited me best.

Mary H. Student no. BM 11234

I now feel more confident in applying for more senior positions in my firm. My future prospects have been greatly enhanced.

Neil K. Student no. BM 12686

My Business Management course has made me more confident with business topics and terms. It has certainly given me a greater understanding of the world of business.

Christine M. Student no. BMA8833

My employers are expanding their business and as a result of doing my Kilroy's College Business Management course I am being promoted to a more senior position.

Antoinette M. Student no. BM9439

I think this Business Management course is highly informative, well balanced, quite substantial, very well presented and above all else most interesting. It was very refreshing to receive assignments back early at times, this is certainly a strong point for the college as it keeps the whole experience progressive, fresh and mutually co-operative. I perceive the Kilroy's College operation to be welcoming, friendly, professional and encouraging. Thank you all very much and best wishes for the future.

Jason S. Student no. BM10951

I have a lot more confidence in me after completing my Business Management course that I am well able for my job and I am hoping to upgrade my position very soon.

Monica O. Student no. BM9491

I have received excellent service on all occasions that I have contacted the College. The Business Management course was superb and it gave me an in depth knowledge of Ireland's economy and on Ireland's place in the E.U.

Thanasvary R. Student no. BM9799

I thought my Business Management course was very well structured and it allowed me to focus on the specific modules. This made the course feel like a lot less of a task. I found the remarks sent to me with my assignments were very encouraging throughout the course.

Gary V. Student no. BM9026

I am very satisfied with the Business Management course and it has inspired me to go on and do a degree in Management. I would definite complete another course with Kilroy's College in the future. The College has been a great help throughout and it has been worth all the effort.

Jer P. Student no. BMA9322

Doing my Business Management course from my home was a joy, because between my work and trying to get to classes on time would have been a nightmare. Studying with Kilroy's College was a fantastic and interesting experience for me. It has really made my prospects for the future much brighter.

Tony C. Student no. BM9582

Your Business Management course has improved my chances of obtaining senior employment. It has opened up opportunities that would have not been possible before.

Tanya K. Student no. BMA4849