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Book-keeping & Accounts course

Book-keeping & Accounts Ireland

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Study Accounting from home and you will have a key skill that every business needs!

Delivery method: Correspondence, Online
Private Tutor: Yes
Duration: 12 months
Price: €695 €486 - 30% OFF

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This bookkeeping & accounting distance learning course will train you on how to keep records of business transactions in a professional manner. This is perfect for someone wanting to learn the skills that employers look for when looking to obtain a new job or a promotion, and it is also perfectly suited to anyone who is involved in the running of a club or a society.

This course will help you to

  • Understand ledger accounts
  • Have a clear view of where your money is going
  • Learn how to plan a business
  • Gain employment
  • Make a business more cost effective
  • Sort out the accounts of a club/society

This course is written with the beginner in mind and it will take the basic stages step by step. We think it is very important that our structured learning material is written in plain English and we have developed the lessons so that all explanations are crystal clear.

You can study this course entirely from home with the support of an experienced tutor who will help you to complete the study units with confidence. You will have gained extensive knowledge of all key areas of modern accounting when you have completed all 10 study units.

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Student Testimonials

It's the first time I ever did an Accounts and Bookkeeping course and I'm thrilled with my achievement.

Susan H. Student no. BK9740

I enjoyed my Kilroy's College Book-keeping and Accountancy course a lot. I found it very interesting and I really liked everything connected to it.

Tatiana C. Student no. BKA 14276

I've learned a lot from this Book-keeping course and it made me realise if you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything.

Margaret B. Student no. BK 10794

I now feel more confident about applying for a new job as a result of completing my Kilroy's College Book-keeping and Accountancy course.

Maura P. Student no. BKA 13880

I have full confidence that I would be able to look for a job and use the skills I've learned with Kilroy's College Bookkeeping course to better myself.

Caroline S. Student no. BKA10922