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Fitness, Health and Nutrition course

Our student's quotes

We receive feedback and Testimonials from our students on a daily basis.
Please see below a selection of the quotes we received recently.

What our students say about our Fitness, Health and Nutrition course:

Since I completed my Fitness, Health and Nutrition course I feel more confident in myself and my fitness level is improving. I found the course content easy to understand and follow and my tutor was very quick in responding with my assignments.

Kathryn C. Student no. FHN19173

It's a good course in Fitness, Health & Nutrition. The booklets were very well laid out and very easy to follow. I found the course very informative and enjoyable.

Jennifer O. Student no. DFA16907

Having completed my Fitness, Health and Nutrition course I am now in a position where I feel more confident about my skills and knowledge. I am better able to design and understand a fitness routine and to have a better understanding nutrition and how the body works.

Lisa L. Student no. DFA 14747

This Fitness, Health and Nutrition course has helped me to understand more deeply the empathy you must have with the members in their health and fitness goals. I got promoted as Manager as soon as I completed the course.

Holly B. Student no. DFA 15595

Not only did my Fitness, Health and Nutrition course give me the knowledge to improve myself but I can now pass this on to other people who were like me. Getting the good results in the post and the positive feedback were the best part.

Geraldine C. Student no. DFA 7250

I am enjoying my course so much so that I completed the first study unit in approximately 24hours. My Fitness, Health and Nutrition course has taught me so much already.

Michael G. Student no. DF 15525

My course has greatly improved my skills and knowledge on physical fitness and diet, health and related issues. The thing I liked most about my course was the freedom to choose when I wanted to study. My tutor's words of encouragement were equally important to me.

Sarah L. Student no. DFA8320

I have never been as fit and my confidence has soared. I finally understand myself and how my body works I thoroughly enjoyed my course and I am reaping the rewards of my learning. Just wish I had done this earlier.

Siobhain S. Student no. DFA8669

I am very satisfied with the information I got from your Course. You are wonderful to facilitate people who cannot attend classes and who wish to make progress in their life, jobs and careers. Thank-you.

Maria P. Student no. DFA6401