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Technology and the job of the computer support professional are always changing. CompTIA, as the industry trade association, is constantly reviewing the content of our credentials to ensure that they are still current and that they continue to meet the need of the industry and the evolving role of the IT worker. The updated credential validates skills needed by today's computer support professionals.

CompTIA A+ remains a skills benchmark that provides an entry point into an IT career and the industry standard to validate foundational skills.

The up-dated CompTIA A+ requires two tests: CompTIA A+ Essentials Examination plus CompTIA A+ 220-602 Examination. Examinations will cover hardware and software with added elements of security and soft skills, as well as safety and environmental issues.

Security skills are vital for a computer support professional. Security issues and technologies are a part of a job skill set needed for the entry level IT worker.

Adding security to the CompTIA A+ examination is important because technicians, particularly entry-level technicians, spend a lot of time on spy ware and virus removal. You can't consider yourself a professional anymore if you don't know about security.

According to CompTIA research, soft skills such as the ability to communicate with others is one of the top knowledge and skill sets sought out by employers and validated through certification. Technical competence is not enough. Professionals must have the ability to communicate with customers and fellow workers to be successful.

CompTIA A+ Essentials

CompTIA A+ Essentials validates knowledge of basic computer hardware and operating systems, covering skills such as installing, building, upgrading, repairing, configuring, troubleshooting, optimising, diagnosing and preventive maintenance, with additional elements of soft skills and security. The Essentials Examination validates the basic skills needed by an entry-level service technician regardless of job environment.

CompTIA A+ 220-602

CompTIA A+ 220-602 validates the ability to perform tasks such as installation, building, repairing, configuration, and troubleshooting, optimising, diagnosing and preventive maintenance in the context of the field service or enterprise environment. This credential is appropriate for those who work, or plan to work, in a mobile or corporate environment, or hold a position characterised by high level of in-person customer interaction. Students who pass this examination plus CompTIA A+ Essentials will be CompTIA A+ certified with the IT Technician designation.

Benefits of the updated CompTIA A+

Research has shown that certified employees lead to increased customer satisfaction and repeat business, as well as increased revenue.

Certification provides measurable competence standards for a business

Certified employees are more productive because they have the proven skills necessary to perform at a higher level of efficiency than their non-certified peers.