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Computer skills are becoming increasingly important to people in all walks of life The ECDL is an information technology certificate for anyone wishing to learn basic computer skills. It is intended for those who need to, or wish to, know how to use a personal computer. It is suitable from every work discipline or for people wishing to enter or re-enter the jobs market, and for all age groups.

What is the ECDL?

The European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) is the standard in end-user computer skills, offering our students an internationally recognised certification that is supported by governments, computer societies, international organisations and commercial corporations on a global basis. The ECDL is the world's largest computer skills certification programme, with more than 6 million candidates in 146 countries.

The ECDL raises the level of IT and computer skills and allows our students to be more productive at home and at work. It also improves job prospects by providing an internationally recognised qualification.
Its superior syllabus is uniquely validated to ensure that it is always relevant, up to date and meaningful. Our students can be confident that the ECDL offers a certification of unrivalled quality.

Who is ECDL for ?

It is suitable for anyone who needs to demonstrate that they are fully competent in the use of a personal computer and common computer applications and that they know the essential concepts of Information Technology. Ideally students should have used computers and common software applications before. Kilroy's College provides a computer basics course for those with no computer knowledge or skills, which on completion the ECDL course can then be started.

How it will work for you?

The amount of training required depends on each student's skills levels but the average is around 30 hours per module. Each module is tested separately and each test generally lasts about 45 minutes. The seven tests can be attempted in any order and at any time.

All testing must take place at an accredited ECDL test centre. A candidate has three years from the date they pass their first test to complete all seven modules. When a candidate registers with a test centre on an ECDL programme, they receive a Skills Card on which their progress through the seven tests is recorded. When all seven tests have been successfully passed, the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) is awarded.

The ECDL gives our students the flexibility to acquire core IT skills and confidently apply them in any software environment.

Summary of the benefits of ECDL certification.

  • It will increase essential IT knowledge and skills
  • Provides an internationally recognised qualification
  • Improves job satisfaction and job mobility
  • Provides a platform from which to move on to higher level IT education.