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Our student's quotes

We receive feedback and Testimonials from our students on a daily basis.
Please see below a selection of the quotes we received recently.

What our students say about our Child Psychology course:

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your encouragement and good advice all through this process. I really appreciated it. I really enjoyed taking on this course and I know it will be of great benefit to me in the future. I would highly recommend this course to anyone considering a future in childcare and your guidance has been invaluable to me.

Siobhan D. Student no. CC27463

Since doing my Kilroy’s College Child Psychology course I’ve got a new job offer in my field of interest. I’ve learned how to be a successful mother, the mother my child deserves. The course material provides great insights into each stage of a child’s development. My tutor provided detailed information on what items I needed to pay more attention to.

Monika W. Student no. CD17455

I have gained a greater understanding of the developing mind of a child which is very important to me in my work in a preschool. I have really enjoyed doing this course throughout which I found my tutor’s comments to be very helpful and encouraging. I would love to do another course with Kilroy’s College in the future.

Michelle H. Student no. PC18500

I thoroughly enjoyed the Child Psychology course throughout, the lessons were intellectually stimulating, the guides and helpful hints were outstanding. I shall select another course shortly.

Rosaleen M. Student no. PCA15818

I just want to say a big thank you as I've had a wonderful time studying Child Psychology with Kilroy's College. As a mother of two young boys my course has helped me big time.

Kim P. Student no. 14258

You were very understanding when I did worry about my Child Psychology course. You always encouraged me to enjoy the course and I liked everything about it.

Mary L. Student no. PCA 5608

My Child Psychology course with Kilroy's College was a very good introduction to this subject and I enjoyed the whole course thoroughly.

Jean B. Student no. CP 10077

This Child Psychology course has improved my skills as a parent, helping me to understand my children's behaviour more and helping me to deal with problems as well as improving my job skills.

Irene R. Student no. PC 5192

As a result of doing your Child Psychology course I am now going to follow on with Psychology as I really enjoyed the course.

Emma K. Student no. PCA 7547

When I started your course a light went on in my head. I now believe I have a good background to go for my dream job working with children. Children now amaze me even more.

Erica H. Student no. PC 6884

I am very happy with your course and I am now working towards a job in Childcare .I would recommend this Kilroy's College course to anyone. I really enjoyed the section on how to set up your own childcare service, hopefully a goal I will aim for in the future.

Sandra K. Student no. CC11903

This course has assisted through a journey of self discovery, helping me to become a better parent, helping me to understand my children better. It was especially useful to me in learning techniques to deal with childhood problems and then seeing solutions coming through.

Elizabeth W. Student no. PCA 7901

It was a wonderful and interesting Child Psychology course and a great advantage for people at home who cannot to college to do a course. I am now applying to work in a new intercultural pre-school group in my local town.

Mary O. Student no. PCA 7843

As a working mother of three children I was able to do this course in my own time. It was of great importance to me to be able to do a course in Child Psychology, for my own personal reasons and Kilroy's College allowed me to do this.

Claire B. Student no. PC 10434

I did the course to gain an in debt knowledge of children's intellectual, emotional stages at different ages. The course explained everything in a very clear manner. As I got through each lesson I gained in confidence and my self esteem got a real boost. I feel I can now take on a fulltime position, thanks to doing this Diploma. My tutor was wonderful and I always felt I was never alone doing the course. May Kilroy's College have continued success in the future.

Karen J. Student no. PCA11645

I learned a great deal on my Psychology course. When I was training as a teacher there was very little Psychology thought. This course has certainly filled in the gaps in my knowledge.

Mariea F. Student no. PCA8389

I would now like to go on and do a course in Montessori teaching. This Child Psychology course has given me a good foundation to do so.

Geraldine C. Student no. PC10337

The course has enabled me to understand my eldest teenage son a lot better and I have developed a better relationship with him due to my greater understanding of his behavior. The course was a huge advantage to me because, due to illness, I had to take a break from it and I was able to return to it when I was better. My tutor was really excellent, and the feedback was always most helpful.

Ella B. Student no. PC4714

I am a self employed nursery owner and by enrolling in your Child Psychology course I can let parents know that I am continuing to improve my knowledge and skills for the benefit of the children in my care, as well as for my own self development.

Julie F. Student no. PC5148

I found my Child Psychology tutor to be absolutely great. My self-confidence has gone up sky high. I never thought I could get so much pleasure from learning but I have. It was nice to be able to ease myself back to the learning habit without any pressure.

Anne C. Student no. PCA9209

This Child Psychology course has given me great confidence. I will always have knowledge of this course when dealing with my own children. I work varied hours and it was much easier to work a few hours each week than to attend classes, and there was no pressure which was great. I recommend Kilroy's to my friends.

Tracy F. Student no. PCA3201