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Our student's quotes

We receive feedback and Testimonials from our students on a daily basis.
Please see below a selection of the quotes we received recently.

What our students say about our Golf Psychology course:

The real benefit of my Golf Psychology course the way the entire course has brought together all the facets of the game into one package that I was able to understand and absorb.

Kevin S. Student no. PG18137

I have been playing a huge amount of competitive golf, very successfully. I’ve had a great year with a tremendous amount of very good golf played and your Golf Psychology course has really helped me a lot.

Rita G. Student no. PG18599

This course has made me more aware of how important the mental aspect plays in playing good golf. It helped me to think a lot clearer on the golf course and to be better able to cope when things went wrong. This has been the first stepping stone to a new career in Golf Psychology.

Victor A. Student no. PG 11332

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What our students say about our courses:

I've achieved something I have always wanted to do but did not think I was capable of doing. It has given me the confidence to open my own play school.

Colette E. Student no. CCA10844

I feel an awful lot more confident having completed my course. I feel encouraged and inspired to continue. The course is presented in a constructive and productive manner challenging your writing skills by asking you to write in different ways. I feel much more confident now with a very positive attitude having completed the course.

Elizabeth C. Student no. CWA9256

The tutors were excellent in the extreme.

Christopher K. Student no. 2LH8160