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Golf Psychology course

Our student's quotes

We receive feedback and Testimonials from our students on a daily basis.
Please see below a selection of the quotes we received recently.

What our students say about our Golf Psychology course:

The real benefit of my Golf Psychology course the way the entire course has brought together all the facets of the game into one package that I was able to understand and absorb.

Kevin S. Student no. PG18137

I have been playing a huge amount of competitive golf, very successfully. I’ve had a great year with a tremendous amount of very good golf played and your Golf Psychology course has really helped me a lot.

Rita G. Student no. PG18599

This course has made me more aware of how important the mental aspect plays in playing good golf. It helped me to think a lot clearer on the golf course and to be better able to cope when things went wrong. This has been the first stepping stone to a new career in Golf Psychology.

Victor A. Student no. PG 11332

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What our students say about our courses:

I've achieved something I have always wanted to do but did not think I was capable of doing. It has given me the confidence to open my own play school.

Colette E. Student no. CCA10844

The tutors were excellent in the extreme.

Christopher K. Student no. 2LH8160

The biggest effect Kilroy's College has had on my life is in giving me a foothold in the Education system and in enabling me to progress within it.

Akaraygo A. Student no. BM 12935