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Executive Officer Entrance course

This home study course consists of the following four modules:

Module 1 Self-assessment and suitability

In this module we will assist you in understanding the qualities that the selection panel are looking for and how they are assessed in the competition as a means of selection.

Module 2 General aptitude Tests

It may be sometime since you have attempted an aptitude test or a written examination, so in this module there are a number of general set tests to help get you in the right frame of mind.

This module also provides you with valuable practice for the written test. Like all examinations there are techniques that may be applied to optimise your performance. This module is designed to demonstrate these techniques and assist you to understand and apply them.

Module 3 Sample Tests

This module consists of a sample test so that you can simulate examination conditions at home to practise coping with the real life pressures of time constraints and other factors. This module also consists of a number of examples for each element of the test before you attempt the actual sample test.

A separate booklet is also enclosed giving answers to all questions relating to Modules 2 and 3.

Module 4: Interview Techniques

This module covers what many consider to be the most demanding stages of the competition.

The objectives of this module are to

  • Identify and understand what the selection panel are looking for.
  • Guide and assist you in your preparation for your interview.
  • Provide you with some practical advice on interview techniques

How this course will work for you

We have designed a specific programme to assist candidates to prepare for the Executive Officer Competition.

The objectives of this preparation programme are to

  • Assist candidates to understand the various elements of the competition and their relevancy in the recruitment process.
  • Give the student ample practice in attempting examination style questions to help the student perform to the best of their ability on the day of the examination


  • The College is open all year, so you can start studying at any time.
  • This course is fully self-contained. Sample answers for the general ability tests are included.
  • This course allows you the flexibility and confidentiality of studying at home without having to take time out from work or other personal commitments.
  • It offers you valuable savings in time and transportation because you complete your entire course from home.
  • At Kilroy's College there are no age limits, no need for previous study and there is no pressure to go any faster than you wish to.
  • Once enrolled, you will receive everything that you need to get started in your student study pack.

Take action now!

Remember, you can complete this Executive Officer Entrance course within 10 to 20 hours of enrolling. So take your first step by contacting us today!

  • To receive more information, please order a free prospectus. Fill in your contact details and we will immediately send you a free copy of our complete prospectus along with an equiry pack.
  • You can enrol now for this Executive Officer Entrance course with a credit card using our secure online enrolment form.

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