Leaving Certificate Economics course

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Our student's quotes

We receive feedback and Testimonials from our students on a daily basis.
Please see bellow a selection of the quotes we received recently.

What our students say about our Leaving Certififate courses:

This course worked well for me, for two reasons, my determination to see it through to the end and the great encouragement from my tutor.

Abdullah A. (Student n° 5LVA17608)

I sat the Leaving Certificate this year after studying for it with Kilroy’s College. I would like to say thank you so much to all my tutors who corrected my work and encouraged me throughout. I’m delighted with my results.

Stephen D. (Student n° 5LVA17859)

I was in school so a home study course was what I wanted. This Kilroy's College Leaving Certificate course was very, very good indeed

Rachel D. (Student n° ILHA15157)

I'm now back in College doing a Fetac level 5 in computer applications course. All thanks to doing my Leaving Certificate with Kilroy's College. It helped me to keep up my education and study.

Sara D. (Student n° 6LC 11190)

This course allowed me to study for the Leaving Certificate at home and at the same time look after my newborn baby. Studying with Kilroy's College I got the best of both worlds without delaying my Leaving Certificate and minding my baby at the same time, so thank you all very much.

R R. (Student n° LV11557)

I think Home Study is a great option, especially for those for anyone unable to attend classes. The Kilroy's College Leaving Certificate tutors were very fair and constructive in marking the assignments. Their efficiency and high standards were very encouraging.

Eileen B. (Student n° LV12876)

I thought my Leaving Certificate tutor was excellent. All the questions I asked were answered in detail with lots of advice and tips.

Eleanor P. (Student n° ILVA9786)

Only with Kilroy's College did I receive the confidence to go and obtain my ultimate goal.

Rosaleen C. (Student n° 2LVA8252)

This Leaving Certificate course helped me gain confidence and ability throughout the course year. Kilroy's College has helped me to achieve really great results.

Rosaleen C. (Student n° ILVA9804)

I liked how the Leaving Certificate booklets simplified each section, yet the structure of the assignment questions demanded that one had a thorough knowledge of that section.

Glenn C. (Student n° 3LVA9254)

The Leaving Cert course notes were first class and were responsible for my success in the repeat. I had failed English in the previous year. Thank you so much.

Paul D. (Student n° 1LV8278)