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What are the advantages of the new KC Online service?

  • A cheaper, faster and more convenient alternative. For those with Internet access and the relevant skills, this alternative can be cheaper, faster and more convenient than the traditional assignment submission system.
  • Talk to your fellow students. If you find distance education an isolating experience, the online forums can offer a means of communicating with other students, and finding and offering support.
  • Easy access to tutors. Queries to tutors can be submitted and returned very easily with the online system. These queries are then left in the open forums and can serve to educate upcoming students as they come across similar issues.
  • Instant feedback for online assessments. Students in courses with automated assessments can progress through their work without delay as the system provides instant feedback and grades.
  • Simultaneously develop computer skills. This by-product of the delivery method can be useful for students at a low level of Internet usage, as the Virtual Learning Environment offers a safe-haven for testing and developing your skills.
  • Content available online. As the tutor corrects the assignment and awards a grade of 50% or over, the next lesson (in PDF format) becomes immediately accessible to the student. This is in addition to the hard copy of the lessons that are also sent out.*
  • Explore further resources in your chosen area. Additional online resources are displayed with each lesson, allowing the student to bring your learning further and learn more on each particular topic.*
  • Live online news feeds available. RSS feeds provide up to the minute headlines from the relevant subject. Brought in from online news services directly on to the course page, links are provided to bring you, the student, to the page of any article that piques your interest.*

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Free demo

If you'd like to take a peek into the 'virtual campus', you can take a demonstration course in Interview Skills. Many people find interviewing a daunting task and this course, offered to you completely free of charge, will help you prepare for the big day. All you will need to enrol on the Interview Skills course is a valid email address.

Click here for free online course demo

Where do I sign up?

If you like what you've seen and you want to go ahead and enrol for a course with Kilroy's College, you can complete our online enrolment form or order a free prospectus.

Once your enrolment has been processed, you'll receive details with your first pack of how to access the relevant area online.

If you're already a student with the college, email directly to the college at:, with your college number in the subject heading, requesting to be registered to the online service.

You will receive an email response with instructions on how to get around the site and perform some basic functions, such as submit an assignment and use a discussion forum.

*Denotes limited availability.