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Garda Siochana, selection process

The Selection Process

Garda trainee recruitment is changing to a rolling model within which there may be a number of recruitment cycles during any given year. The number of applicants for each cycle will be limited and controlled on a "first come first served" basis.

A Garda trainee recruitment campaign will commence during 2022. To register your interest you can make your application to receive notification when campaign is announced at

Selection will be by means of a four stage process as follows:

Stage 1:

Online Assessments

Stage 2:

Supervised Assessments in an Assessment Centre

Stage 3:

Interview and Other Assessments

Stage 4:

Vetting, Medical Examination, Physical Competency test, etc.

The methods used during these three stages to select suitable candidates for the role may include, but not be limited to:

  • Assessment questionnaire(s)
  • Psychometric tests e.g. reasoning and ability tests
  • Job simulation exercises
  • Report writing exercises
  • Assessment Centre i.e. use of a variety of assessment exercises & tests
  • Personality questionnaire
  • Interview(s)
  • Language test(s) e.g. in the case of fluency in Irish stream
  • Physical competence test
  • Medical examination
  • Any other assessment tests/exercises deemed appropriate

Additional information can be obatined from the Garda website at or the Public Appointments Service website at