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Garda Recruitment Stage 1 course

Garda Recruitment Course Objectives

  • To ensure you are comfortable with the Garda exam. format, particularly with the type of questions that are likely to be asked in the Garda entry ability tests.
  • To help you understand the relevance of the various elements of the competition.
  • To guide you through the initial stages of the application.
  • To help you optimise your performance at each stage of the competition.

Garda Test Course Contents

Module 1 - Researching "An Garda Síochána"

Learn as much as possible about a career with the Garda Síochána and their recruitment requirements, i.e. your suitability, qualities and abilities for a career as a Garda.

Module 2 - Skills & Experiences Self-Assessment

You will gain a deeper understanding of your own character and qualities and learn how to compare them with typical Garda qualities. This will assist you in the preparation of the Skills Experience Questionnaire.

Module 3 - Job Simulation

Job Simulation is used as a way to test your thinking skills. You have to decide on the best alternative given the information at hand. The Job Simulation Test attempts to identify what you would most likely do in a typical situation that you could face as a Garda Trainee. The scenarios reflect critical aspects of the job where a Garda has to use initiative and make judgements so as to provide a good service and show the ability make decisions.

Module 4 - Verbal Reasoning

The Verbal Reasoning Test measures the ability to understand written passages and the logical evaluation of an argument. In this test you are given a passage of text that is followed by several statements. Your task is to evaluate the statements in light of the information or opinions contained in the passage and to select your answer.

Module 5 - Inductive Logical Reasoning

The Inductive Logical Reasoning Tests are mistakenly perceived by many to be the most important stage in the competition. Although this is the first stage of the competition it is still only one part of the selection process. The Abstract Reasoning Tests are designed to test your abstract skills. Like all exams, there are techniques that may be applied to optimise your performance. This module is designed to demonstrate these techniques and assist you to understand and apply them.

Garda recruitment is changing to a rolling model within which there may be a number of recruitment cycles during any given year. The number of applicants for each cycle of the Garda test will be limited and controlled on a "first come first served" basis.

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  • Practice over and over: This is not a once-off opportunity; you can practice over and over, as much as you like, because practice makes perfect.
  • Talk to our experienced Student Advisors: You will have our team of experienced Student Advisors to help and support you in studying for the Garda exam.
  • Complete your studies at home: Maximise your study time and you can practice when you want to, as often as you want to, for the Garda aptitude test.
  • Feel confident going in to the test: You will be able to approach the test knowing that you could not be better prepared, feeling confident of doing very well, and competing successfully
  • Read real recommendations: Read what our successful Garda entry students had to say about our Garda recruitment preparation course.


  • Our special Garda entry course is the ideal solution for you to reach your highest place in Stage 1.
  • You still have enough time to be able to approach the Garda test with confidence.
  • You complete your Garda exam. course in your own home so no time is wasted on travel.
  • Enrol any day before noon and we can deliver your Garda entry course the next day.
  • Our team of student advisors will be on hand if you have any queries.

The information provided regarding the Garda recruitment selection process is from the Garda Recruitment "Notes for Applicants and Conditions of Service" booklet. The full booklet is available for download at the Public Appointments Service website -

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