5 Key Skills for Learners in 2018

Opening Night at Web Summit 2017

Did you know that sixty percent of jobs that will exist by 2030 are unknown?

Education in 2018 is about facilitating the student to become a lifelong learner. Knowing how to learn to adapt to the challenges of new technology and having agility to adapt are becoming key attributes in education as we move towards an inflection point in technology with the rapid advancement of AI and robotics. Continue reading “5 Key Skills for Learners in 2018”

EdTech Trends for Distance Learning in 2017

Lisa in Lisbon at the Web Summit 2016

I am a serial Web Summit (WS) attendee.  I first visited the WS in November 2014 in Dublin where I recorded a piece to camera about EdTech trends for 2015 – back then it was all about gamification and making learning a fun, enjoyable & most importantly – a user friendly experience for the student.

A lot has changed in 2 short years – education through distance learning (be it delivered online or by correspondence) is booming.  The core attraction for many learners is the flexibility that it brings – you can literally study at any time, any place and any where.  The 3 EdTech trends for 2017 bring this premise even further – beyond reality! Continue reading “EdTech Trends for Distance Learning in 2017”